Christmas Time

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

well the doctor did not have many results back like he had hoped but feels fairly confident that it was probably not valley fever being that the antibiotics seem to be helping whatever infection was/is/has been in ross' lungs.

one of ross' x-rays did show a 1.4cm by 1.4cm nodule which could be scar tissue from any previous infection. the doctor gave ross orders to have another x-ray done in about 4 weeks to hopefully see that the nodule has either shrunk or gone away altogether. if it is the same size or bigger then he will probably have to do a ct scan to check it out. all in all the doctor is not concerned and feels confident that the nodule will be gone.

there you have it...another crazy ailment in the newman household!


sherrillfamily said...

Hi Mandy,

I would love to communicate with you by email. I am Kelly, baby kyle's mom. I would love to hear more about henry if you have time. I saw that Ross King is one of the people you listen to on your site - that is one of my husbands best friends! just a connection. anyway - would you email me so that I could contact you! I'l look forward to it.


Kevin said...

Kelly's email is Let me know if that works.


p.s. Life is busy but good. I need a vacation.

Aust Family said...

Hoping all gets healthy around the Newman house VERY soon! Be sure to keep yourself healthy, in mind and spirit.

veronicalaurie said...

Good news! Hope everything stays well. Love the new picture you have up!