Christmas Time

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


ramey is doing rather well each day. today she was taken completely off her fentanyl and tomorrow she will finish with the hydrocortisone. if she handles this well then they will be able to take out her pic line tomorrow. all she will have left at that point is her feeding tube which stays in till she can eat 65mL by bottle. she is only doing about 30 to 35mL as of now but hopefully she will get the hang of it over the weekend.

i am asking that you all pray for me as i head in to the urologist's office tomorrow. since all of the problems that occurred while in the hospital i have an anxious mind and heart about having to go. i would have probably avoided making an appointment all together except i was told that i have a stint in my bladder that has to be removed. the process that will be used to do this sounds very unpleasant and the thought of it makes me actually want to cry. if you know me well then you know that i am a pretty tough lady who once had a high tolerance for pain...that is no longer. i am much like a child terrified by the doctor's needle. the nurse at the urologist's office said i wouldn't feel pain only pressure but if i want to take some pain meds before coming in i might want to. hmmm... that says pain is involved in my mind. please pray that the Lord would calm my anxiousness and that the pain would be nonexistent or minimal.

we love you all.


Vivi DiLopes Adams said...

I will be praying for!

Jackie said...

We are still praying for you. We are so happy to hear how well Ramey is doing.

The Tofel Family