Christmas Time

Thursday, July 3, 2008

update- thursday...

today ramey got her pic line removed!! yeah- one less leash attached to her. all she has now are her leads and her feeding tube.

she did okay yesterday with her feeds. in fact she ate one full bottle and 55mL of another. this morning was not as good but we are about to call to see how her evening has been. she has lost 200 grams over the last week so her attending has bumped her up to needing 70mL a feeding.

in other news... i had my shunt removed from my bladder today and well it was not the most comfortable procedure but not nearly as bad as anything i dealt with two weeks ago. the shunt was about 8 inches long and somehow that was in my walnut sized bladder and kidney... at least that is where i think it all was. i need to ask the dr. where it was and why. i know that sounds funny that i didn't know what was all in there but remember that i was totally out of it when my original surgery was finished and my extremely exhausted and stressed out husband was the one who received the info from the dr. all i know is that i am feeling some slight relief which is encouraging.

tomorrow we are taking henry and daph to the circus. we are going to have quite a day with them and i think they need it maybe as much as i do. it will be tough because we won't see ramey till late but i need some time with my big kids! i will post pics tomorrow of all our fun.

here are our latest prayer requests:
1. pray that ramey will take all of her feeds well
2. pray that i would have increased relief from my bladder issues and that my sciatic nerve would feel better quickly
3. pray that the time we spend with the kids tomorrow would be multiplied just like the fish and the loaves once were

thank you all for your prayers. have a great fourth of july!

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