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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

an exciting weekend...

our weekend was filled with great fun! friday night henry's first ever school friend sleep over happened here in our living room.

henry's buddy sage came over around 4pm and the adventure began. the boys did such a great job of letting daphne play with them and never making her feel like a third wheel.

after an hour and a half it was time for some pizza. i had the kids all sit outside not only for the avoidance of a big mess in the kitchen but also because these two boys can be very loud when they are together. i figured they could eat and be loud on the patio in the hopes that the late hours of the night might be quieter.

next came some hang out time in the back yard. ross mowed the grass and the rest of us played on the swings. the weather was perfect!

once we all had come inside and cleaned up a bit it was time for making ice cream sundaes! we let the kids make their own with toppings, whipped cream, sprinkles, the works! it was so fun letting them create their own masterpieces.

i think what made me laugh most about the ice cream sundaes is that neither of the boys ate much of them. they seemed to enjoy making them far more than eating them.

of course they had to brush their teeth after their special treats. and then with pjs on and sleeping bags unrolled we watched Homeward Bound. what's a movie without some popcorn. sage is a little more active than henry and so he had to get up and burn off some energy. by 9pm the movie was done and we got the boys settled into their bags and prayed with them. ross and i went to bed and could hear the little voices that were in on our living room floor. at 10:30am we were ready to go to sleep and yet those boys were chatting away. i went in and told them that if they could not go to sleep we would have to put henry in his bed and sage on the couch. we didn't hear another word till 6:30 the next morning.

with that early wake up call ross heated up the griddle and made pancakes for everyone.

the boys had a great time together as did we. it was fun to watch them enjoy one another and to play hard and to grow their little friendship.

what a great first sleep over!

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Aust Family said...

So cute!!! I'll bet you were so tired after that! Up at 6:30, though?!?! I remember having sleep overs at your house and sleeping until 2 in the afternoon...we were older though. I can even remember laughing uncontrollably about being "tired of sleeping". Oh, now that story brought back some memories!