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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

flagstaff and the grand canyon...

we had such a nice get-away this past weekend. ross' parents were up in flagstaff for a couple of weeks so we decided to head up that way and enjoy some fall weather. within a five hour drive the temperature dropped 30 degrees!! it was such a treat to feel that cool crisp air on our faces. the kids love to go to a "two beds" (aka a hotel)! we could probably go to the resort down the road and stay there and the kids would be in heaven. i hope they always remember having fun at the "two beds" on family trips. those are the things that memories are made of!!

while we were up there we decided to drive over to the grand canyon. my aunt had said to me before we left that we should try to see as much as we possibly could while we were out here because we never know when God might have us relocate. well after living in arizona for over 2 years we felt it was high time to see that huge hole in the ground. to be real honest i had very little interest in seeing the grand canyon...i didn't do so well in geology in college either. well let me tell you, the grand canyon in phenomenal. no picture will ever do it justice. it is so deep that my eyes had trouble gaining any depth perception. i couldn't grasp how tiny the people were hiking downward.

while we were up on the rim looking over henry said to me, "mom, God is good all the time." as i smiled and was about to respond a lady a few feet away leaned forward and said to him, "all the time God is good." henry, grinning from ear to ear, looked up at me and said, "mom, she knows." a sweet moment of encouragement from the Lord for my little man!!

i think i have shared before that henry loves the mountains and really shines when he is up on them. he is afraid of very little. his papa on the other is terrified of heights. i was rather impressed that papa even went out on the lookout. henry was with grandma and papa checking things out and henry stuck his head through the fencing. he had done it with me when we were out checking things out so i didn't freak out when i saw him do it with grandma and papa standing with him. as you can see from the picture his grandma and papa weren't as confident with his safety. i must say i was thankful for their watchful eye but it still made me laugh to see papa standing so far from henry trying to pull him back!

our day was filled with new adventures and lots of great family time. i am also thankful we went over to see the big hole in the ground. there is no mistaking the awesomeness of our God when you look out over that portion of His creation!

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