Christmas Time

Sunday, October 14, 2007

party time...

though daph turned 3 two weeks ago we waited to have her party so that we could share the fun celebration with her best friend, ellie.

there is such ease in hosting a kid's party AT a location instead of in my home. i have always had the kid's parties here at home but with the success of doing henry's in a park last year my friend, jen, and i decided to do the girls party at gymboree. i tell you, they handle everything- the worker was even willing to cut and serve cake. wow! at the end we just gathered up the gifts and anything we brought with us and she cleaned up. i loved that!

the girls and all their little friends really seemed to enjoy themselves. there were plenty of activities both guided and not for them to do and what kid doesn't love a giant parachute?

poor little ellie was still recovering from a cold and cough so after she had run around about 45 minutes she was done! even when it came time to blow out the candles, ellie just wanted to be in her daddy's lap. leave it to the best friend to blow out your candles for you!

after we got home daphne was able to open her gifts and she has been in la la land ever since. she was given so many sweet gifts and i think she has played with them all non stop for the last 24 hours. one of our friends gave her this adorable cheerleader outfit which has been on her body every possible moment we are willing to allow. she was also given a tiara and clip on earrings which are new favorites. we have had many a tea party throughout the day, we have played magnetic dress up dolls often, she has painted our bathtub, read a sweet book from her 1/2 aussie friend, put the loving family mommy and daddy on their new potty several times, has enjoyed putting her new barrettes in her hair and is now sleeping with a new zebra named henry.
what a fantastic time it was to celebrate our precious girl and her best friend!!

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Tonya Roberts said...

Happy Birthday Daph and Ellie!