Christmas Time

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

happy 3rd birthday, daphne...

our girl turned 3 yesterday! she woke up in her usual sweet way so we were able to hug and kiss on her before the day got moving. as soon as we had kissed on her she said,"can i open my cinderella present now?"

side note: when we purchased her present last week i went ahead and wrapped it in some cinderella wrapping paper because she absolutely loves cinderella. we put the package at the top of our closet and then the next morning she was sitting on the floor of our bathroom and asked, "is that cinderella? can i open it?" needless to say she has been wanting to open the package all week long.

we brought out her presents and with the help of her older brother they opened those couple of gifts pretty quickly. we set up her dollhouse and she has enjoyed every minute since. she always tells her brother, "i'll be the pink ones and you be the blue ones."

after we dropped henry and the goodman boys off at school we headed over to pick up daphne's best friend ellie for a play date. they had a good time playing and laughing all morning. for a special lunch ross came home with daphne's long awaited cinderella cake. let me say that i think it is adorable that she loves cinderella so much but i wasn't prepared to force the whole princess party theme on our friends who we are co-hosting the girl's birthday party with. daphne has said for weeks she was going to have a cinderella cake so yesterday was the day and ross was the hero who brought it through the door. there were two little girls that were just ecstatic to see cinderella in all her baking glory!
daphne was blessed with many phone calls and lots of singing throughout the day to help her celebrate this very special day!

it was 3 years ago that daphne entered our world screaming her head off and i just thought, "keep screaming precious little girl!" she has been a sweet source of laughter and joy each day. even as i put her to bed tonight i thought about what a pleasure she is in my life. more often than not she puts a smile on my face. i love her girliness, her silly smiles with a wink, her fascination with cinderella and her new found love for ballet.

Lord, you have so richly blessed our family with a little girl who is so full of life and excitement. Thank you for Daphne and for the chance to be her mommy!


Laurie said...

I must say that Henry's face is precious as he is looking onto Daphne's present with anticipation! Happy 3rd!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Daph, your the coolest girl we know, and a sweet friend to Ellie.