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Thursday, May 22, 2008

graduation day...

today i was actually out of the hospital (i got to come home tuesday afternoon) and so i was able to go to henry's kindergarten graduation. i can't believe my boy has finished his first official year of school. what a wonderful year it has been! i have seen such growth in him throughout this year.

the kindergarten teachers gave out awards of excellence based on character traits they saw in each individual child. henry was awarded for the character trait of joyfulness. here is what his teacher had to say about him.

this time last year my sister and i were searching the web for different assessments for kindergarten readiness. we were wondering if our babies were going to flourish or be bowled over. let's just say that both chloe and henry have done a phenomenal job this year and at times have exceeded expectations we had for them.

when i look at henry i see a little boy who can now read, write, add, subtract, even multiply (though he doesn't realize that is what he is doing) but even more than that i see a little boy who God has blessed with a sweet spirit and a love for those around him. he has come away from kindergarten more confident and yet not arrogant. his teacher once said to me that henry was a quiet leader. he did not have to tell people what to do or how to do it but rather there was just something magnetic about him that caused the other children to follow his lead. i am so thankful for how God has grown and continues to grow our little man.

now it is summer! school is out and there is lots of playing to be done!

Lord, thank you for a fantastic year in school. thank you for providing a way for us to be in a school that seeks you and seeks to glorify you in all areas of learning. thank you for the friendships that have begun and for the ones that were strengthened throughout this year. thank you for a teacher who loves our son and challenged him to grow in all areas. thank you that she loves you and has a personal relationship with you. to you all glory and honor are due for this year and for all things. we love you. amen


Aust Family said...

Congratulations on surviving your first graduation! I am so glad that you were able to be there to hear the wonderful things that you already know about Henry. Isn't it nice to hear others confirm what you already know?!? And, from a teacher...students like Henry are one of the many reasons that I come to this very warm T-Building every day! By the way...I LOVE SUMMER!

R said...

Do tell about this assessment thingy you found online! Sounds interesting!

One Hale of a Story... said...

I pray someday a kindergarten teacher will say such great things about our son! Henry is such a special kid. I remember when we worked extended session and the party really didn't begin until Henry walked into the room. All the kids just loved him.
To answer your questions, induction date is June 9 which seems forever away but it really isn't!