Christmas Time

Friday, May 30, 2008

the end is near...

no i am not going to write about the end of the world so if that is what you were hoping for i would turn back now.

i am talking about the end of this pregnancy. the plan is to deliver baby on the 12th unless anything goes haywire before then. baby will be 4 weeks early and though most babies born that early are tiny- this one should be about the size of most people's full termers. i would guess this baby is probably going to be around the 7lb. mark. i guess we will see very shortly.

this week we have had many people come over to help me around the house. it has been really great to watch people love on my kiddos. they made puppets with yarn for hair, did puppet shows for me, they created with perler beads and have read tons of books. ladies have made sure my laundry was done, dishes were clean, floors vacuumed, car was filled with gas, fridge was washed and clean and even made sure that the clothes the kids had grown out of were packed up and put in the garage. it is so very hard for me to sit back and watch people do this stuff but i must say that it has blessed me immensely!!

it's the end of the week so ross will be here with us and i must say that that man is the best! he has such a servant's heart and so i want to do something special for him for father's day. any ideas??

i guess i will get back to writing my thank you notes- there is NO excuse for not getting those to people!!

have a great weekend.


Ross said...

I think he'd probably like you to buy him a beach house in San Diego.

R said...

I wish I was there to help! And I know what you mean--it IS very hard to let others do stuff while all you can do is watch. (Not that I've ever been "bed-rest"ed, but I know how hard it is for me to let anything go!)

Tonya Roberts said...

Oh Hooray! I am SO glad that are going to wait for me to get back home!!! Vacation is drawing to a close here FAST and YOU and baby Newman have been on my mind! Sending you prayers for a patient baby and comfort for you these last anxious days!

Laurie said...

Glad to see that you are "receiving." Those precious angels in your life are giving back to you I'm sure. Hang in there! Love you!!!

Byman said...

Wishing you a healthy delivery- can't wait to see baby Newman! Take care in the next few days- obey the docs through the home stretch even though it is hard!