Christmas Time

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

life is a roller coaster...

i am not real sure what happened to me this morning but i must say that i felt overwhelmed. maybe because i didn't sleep well or maybe because of hormones- who knows. today was daphne's tech rehearsal for her dance recital. let me just say that i was NEVER a dancer of any kind growing up and especially not the beautiful ballerina type. i am responsible for turning my very playful, often dirty, little 3 yr. old into a beautiful ballerina- not just one time for the recital but three times- the week before we add to our chaos. can we say ahhhh?????

today i am very gently trying to shellack my tender-headed little girl's hair to her head in a bun and get her dressed to some extent before our friend and her daughter come to pick us up (since i shouldn't be driving all over the place). needless to say i was late (thanks jen for being so patient with me). then a block or two from my house i realize i had forgotten daph's ballet shoes. we turned around went back picked them up and got back to driving. we were suppose to be there 20 minutes early but i set us back a good ten not to mention we had to hike across the campus with me huge and slow and then two little girls whose feet were going probably about as fast as they could.

once in the auditorium i had to get daph out of the travel leotard and into her costume, put on fluffy arm bands, wrap sequin thingies around her neck and shellacked bun, add blush and lipstick and get those darn ballet shoes on. she looked beautiful but i was on the verge of breaking down into massive amounts of tears.

the girls looked great, performed about like you would expect 3 yr. olds to on a huge stage and i was able to breathe. ross even came to watch- when he asked me if i was okay i had to work hard to hold myself together. he made me laugh when we stood there photographing and videotaping of the scene in the movie parenthood about life being a roller coaster. life is and i want to enjoy it more!

here is our daphne doing her thing and looking so adorable.


Vivi DiLopes Adams said... cute is that!? precious! she's adorable

Ericka said...

so very CUTE!!! makes me want to put my tutu on and shake what the Good Lord gave me :)(don't think anybody wants to see that, including the Good Lord!)praying for you & baby!

Tonya Roberts said...

SO precious! She looks so adorable in that tutu! Their dance looks just precious! Praying for you and that wee one!

One Hale of a Story... said...

Oh that totally made my day. I enjoy watching preschoolers do dancing, soccer etc. It's such a sweet innocent time where kids are just being kids! Thank you for sharing the video. Oh, and the bun looked amazing!
So this is a big week for both of our families. Can't wait to hear an update from yall!

TLO said...

As hard as this tie is, She will always remember that her mommy came to rehersals, lovingly did her bun (which looked perfect by the way) and thought she was the best ballerina on the stage! I love you and think you are an incredible mommy (even if you are waddling through recitals)!

alligooding said...

Oh I loved it! The girls are so sweet! She looked beautiful!