Christmas Time

Friday, June 27, 2008

two steps forward one step back...

today was not as great as yesterday for miss ramey.

when i got to the hospital this morning ramey was still having a high respiratory rate. the nurse let me hold her as we waited for rounds but she did tell me that ramey's latest blood gas was not good. during rounds they talked about what they felt was going on with ramey and basically they felt she just needed some help "popping open" her alveoli (grape like structure in the lungs). the plan was made and once rounds were over they put ramey on CPAP. CPAP is a machine that forces air into her lungs helping her to get that oxygen down to where it needs to be. around 12:30, right before i left, the latest blood gas came back and indicated she was getting what she needs.around 3 ross called to check in on ramey and the nurse shared that her respiratory rate had not gotten better yet and so a chest xray had been done. a portion of ramey's right lung did in fact collapse and so they put her on her belly and used a vibrating machine placed on her back to help open up the lung.

she is doing a little better this evening but please pray that her lungs would function properly on their own. it is so hard to watch her struggle to breathe. there is nothing i can do to make it easier.

my heart hurts tonight as i think of the struggles of the last two weeks. my heart hurts because it is torn between home and the hospital. pray for me as i try to care for all of my babies.



Elizabeth said...

I'm crying for you. We love you guys.

Tonya Roberts said...

I LOVE seeing the pictures of this little one! She is so beautiful and it's amazing to see all of her changes. I will have her in my prayers day and night! And I still have my "bag of tricks"! I'd be so glad to come and "play" with your three big ones any time you and Ross want to head downtown! Prayers for you and all of your sweet charges! See you soon!

Mandy said...

im still praying for you guys. she is beautiful!