Christmas Time

Thursday, June 26, 2008

she has no tubes...

we just got home from the hospital and ramey is no longer on the ventilator!! she handled the weaning of nitric well this afternoon and so she is now on a nasal cannula and learning to use her chest muscles on her own. they were able to get that pic line into her foot so they took out the remaining lines in her bellybutton.

with the vent out we heard her first whimper. she can't cry much yet because her throat is still swollen and irritated from the tubes. her lungs are still wet as we have mentioned before so pray that God would dry them out. she is feeding better and her belly is doing better at digesting so this is good.

when we got there tonight ross got his chance to hold her. she did fine for a while but before i could hold her she started struggling to breathe so she had to go back to her bed and settle down. i did get to feed her and change a poopy diaper so that was nice.

though she is doing really well she is still not ready to come home. in fact she has a ways to go from what i can tell. she does not like to swallow. she would much rather have someone come suction her mouth out (does that = high maintenance?). she has to master this reflex in order to nurse and then she can try to feed and then maybe we can talk about home. i am actually okay with the time it is taking mainly because i am scared to bring her home and something go wrong. i want her to be fully ready to be home before we bring her. pray i would remember this as the days go by and we wait to bring her home.

it was a great time with her tonight and ross and i enjoyed just being able to go to the hospital together. continue to pray with us for her complete restoration. thanks for coming on this journey with us. we love you all! goodnight.


Aust Family said...

She is so beautiful! Bye, bye tubes! Katie spent the bulk of her time in NICU learning to suck, swallow and will come when she is ready. You are much more patient than I was...I could have used your words of keep it up! We will continue to pray!

Kelley said...

Mandy I am so glad that you are now able to hold your baby girl. We continue to pray for her complete healing and for you as well. I hope that you have recovered and are feeling better these days.