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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ramey Caroline

Hey guys, this is still Ross. Mandy mentioned that she would like to blog this evening, but she has since fallen asleep and so that I don't keep all of you waiting, I'll publish some photos.

First off, both girls are doing better. Mandy was awake for two hours this evening and we had some friends come by to see her, so that was fun. Her doctor came by and showed Mandy some photos she took of Mandy's innards. The whole thing was quite a miracle. She said that if Mandy had gone into labor at home, more than likely both Mandy and Ramey would have died. God took good care of my girls. I'm hoping that tomorrow they'll let Mandy leave the ICU and go to her room in the women's center.

Ramey's doing well, too. She's still in the NICU and they've got this oxygen box around her head pumping in 100% oxygen in order to keep her lungs from over-working. Her lungs are still classified as "wet" but still no signs of anything worse. She still has some air in her stomach, but other than that, she's doing well. The thing that makes me nervous is her fast breathing - they say that's due to her "wet" lungs.

Tonight, I'm getting kicked out of the ICU at 8:30 and will then head on over to the NICU to spend the rest of the night with Ramey. They've got a leather recliner that I'll be planting my posterior into and settling in for the evening. Speaking of Ramey, here are some pictures:

Oh, the drama!

Cutie Pie

Mandy's Doctor has a sense of humor - she and Ramey were playing peek-a-boo over the curtain

"I want my daddy!"

Here's a picture I took a few minutes ago. Being that Mandy's asleep, she was unable to approve or deny the picture for the blog, so here it is. I might get in trouble for it, but I want all of you to see my tough, beautiful wife. Note also the IV in her jugular. Gives me the creeps.

Have a good evening - Mandy will probably resume her blogging tomorrow. Thanks for all your prayers!!


Aust Family said...

Congratulations on that beautiful baby! The Austs are praying for you all in Houston. As you know, NICU and oxygen hoods are no fun...but you have such a beautiful baby to show for it! Can't wait to see more and more pictures!

Lara said...

We are praying for you guys! Ramey is beautiful and we cant wait to meet her. :)
Please let us know if you need anything!

Tonya Roberts said...

I think that both Ramey AND Mandy look gorgeous in these pictures! She is one tough lady and I am just so thankful that in the end, this evening, both of those gals are doing so much better! Praying so for you and your newly expanded family tonight1

R said...

thank you for taking time to post in the midst of all the chaos. now we know exactly how to pray.

and you're right...the neck IV? made me absolutely shudder!!

Elizabeth said...

I am SO happy to hear things are better. Ramsey is just so little and perfect, and definitely a Newman! God is so good!

The Hamiltons said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. I will make sure to let the rest of the family know and have them praying for ya'll.