Christmas Time

Thursday, May 15, 2008


i have been sent home to do bed rest! hallelujah!

after a very busy wednesday at the hospital doing dr. consults and then an MRI it was decided that i could come home if and only if i would do nothing. i know that many of you are laughing at that but in reality i do not, i repeat- do not, want to have this baby at the hospital that is in our area. i am praying that we would have enough time to get to ours on the other side of town. this being the case i am getting my days lined up with help that can come over and be my hands and feet with the kids.

today i have been able to not do much but even in just getting my own lunch prepared and then cleaned up i have found that it is not a good idea for me to really do anything.

i will say though that the MRI results showed that my placenta has not attached itself to my bladder so that is a huge praise!! i am still taking meds to keep contractions at bay and baby is still baking at this point.

i will keep you all posted on how things are going. keep praying!

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One Hale of a Story... said...

Yae for being at home! I pray God will send people to be those hands and feet for you. Glad baby ?Jane? is still baking. Wish I could do something from here other than those prayers!