Christmas Time

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

mondays at the hospital...

yes you did read that correctly. at 2 am yesterday morning we were back at the hospital.

ross and i both ended up with some kind of bug sunday night that made us really sick. i started the evening with the throwing up and he still doesn't fell much better. i probably only feel better because they gave me meds to stop the nausea.

this time i was in the hospital because i had been throwing up for a couple of hours and my contractions kicked in. at 1:15am i was pretty sure we were going to have to make the cross town trek but i called into the dr. just to be sure. the dr. agreed that it was probably a dehydration issue but because of my high-riskness ( not a real word, i know) we had to go in. it was a good thing i did because the contractions were actually pretty big and painful.

they gave me magnesium sulfate all day to get them stopped and thankfully it worked. i am back on my other meds now and might be able to go home this afternoon- if not then tomorrow morning. i might still make it to henry's graduation!! that's what i am hoping for.

this baby is quite the wild one. it never likes to be monitored which can make for fun times. about every half hour a nurse comes in to readjust the monitor...this means rare uninterrupted time to sleep. my nurse last night finally just let baby stay off the monitor for a while so i could get about 4 hours of sleep. that was great. when baby was moving around in dramatic fashion yesterday i just smiled and thought about how much i am looking forward to meeting this little one.

often times life is so busy that i forget we are having another baby but with all this focused attention on this pregnancy i have been able to really anticipate who God is making this little one into. who will it look like? what kind of temperament will it have? is it a boy or girl? when will it get here? will it be chubby and have lots of hair?

Lord, i know you know the time, day and location for this baby's birthday. i trust that you have all that figured out and so i will rest in knowing that You have it all under control. thank you for being the man with the plan!!


Nic said...

i'm still praying for dark hair!!

Laurie said...

Thanks for the update...You have been on my mind frequently these days, so we will continue to pray for everyone. Especially for your presence at Henry's graduation. Sweet memories! Savor them. In an odd sort of way, God is just preparing you for the sleepless nights to come. :-)Love you bunches!!!!

Ericka said...

praying for ya, my friend! keep us posted. :)