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Saturday, May 19, 2007

the flip flop error...

i bet you thought i meant to type "the flip flop era" but indeed i did not. many of you, i know because i see you so often, have flip flops in and array of colors and styles (thanks to $3.99 flip flops at old navy). i would be one of these folks. here in tucson there is little need for any other type of shoe than the between -the- toe thong but unfortunately my flip flop wearing days are numbered. i am in great need of a foot doctor who can help my ever hurting arches. when i wear my tennis shoes my feet hurt because there is no room for them to spread out and be comfortable. the sad reality is that my feet only feel good in flip flops or bare feet but that is destroying my poor feet. i can see why the older generation are miserable when their feet hurt. it can be somewhat debilitating...well not that bad...well maybe that bad but i wouldn't know if i would choose to not get up on my feet because i wake up to daphne saying "i need some searal, mommy" or "i need go peepee, mommy" and i must put these aching extremities on the floor and use them. before ross' insurance is up at the end of the month i am going to try to get in with a foot dr. let's pray we can get some orthotics for this painful pair.

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Elizabeth said...

You poor thing. You and Mary, both! Hey, how did the kids' mural turn out?