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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

summer is here...

i am so excited that it is summer time! henry finished school yesterday and i think i was more excited than he was. i love getting to spend time with him at home with all of us. though he and daph argue and fuss more than i can sometimes comprehend i love that we are all together for the next 11 weeks.

we started the summer off with a trip over to the splash pad at a local park here in tucson. the kids and i had not yet been there but friends said it was fantastic. well they were right on! with it being 90 by 10am the kids and i loved getting wet. well...i wasn't so keen on the idea in the beginning but God reminded me to just play with them.

i had thought to bring a couple of books so i could get some reading in while they played. after rereading the first page 3 times i realized i wasn't spending any time with the kids. i provided something fun for them to do but how much more fun would it be if i played with them. after that we ran through some of the water sprayers, we shot water cannons across the pad, we had fun. i am looking forward to doing it again soon!

the kids start swim lessons next week. henry is a good swimmer but i am hoping ms. julie can help him with his strokes. next summer we hope to put him on a swim team. daphne is such a little daredevil that she shows no fear with the pool. however she knows very little about swimming so this will be a great time for her to learn some basics and how to float. i will let you know how it turns out.

ross begins a new job next week. i will have the house back!! there has always been this strange awkwardness in how things run around the house with him working from home. the really sad part is that even though he has been wonderful about helping with the kids or letting me leave one or more of them with him when i run errands i think our marriage lost some of its umph. we see each other all day everyday and there is no looking forward to seeing each other anymore. we kind of "co-exist" instead of enjoy the other and our time together. by the end of the day there is no "tag" with the kids because we are both tired of listening to them argue and fuss. i am excited for ross to have a new place to work and to build relationships with new people. i am excited to feel like i can use my bathroom instead of the kids whenever i want to. all that being said, i will miss him. i will miss having breakfast and lunch together. the kids will miss his intermittent hugs during the day as will i. we will all miss him.

i should have some new pictures up soon. i guess since i have these new gorgeous 11x14s of my kids (taken by tonya roberts photography) all over my living room i forgot that you all can't see them.

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danny ewy said...

You are taking swim lessons with Julie too? How awesome! We go to her house nearly everyday it seems. Both of my girls love it, but Jordan is the one showing promise for going on a swim team in the fall. What time to do you guys go?