Christmas Time

Thursday, May 3, 2007

thriving in chaos and thoughts about henry...

i don't know about all of you but when i was in college the semesters i did the best were the ones when i was taking 18 hrs and working. something about the pressure of having so much to do challenged me. i work fairly well under pressure in most situations.
this weekend i am hosting (along with 5 other ladies) a baby shower for my long awaited nephew. this means i am going to attempt to make about 60 petit fors- which i have never done before. it will be quite the adventure but oh what a celebration it will be! i am also working on preparing for our first Boschie Designs Party. jen and i are sewing up a storm so that we will have plenty of products available for purchase. we have been blessed to have several friends offer to host parties around town in several different circles. if that isn't enough i am having to prepare for vacation bible school which is the first week of june and all the while i am preparing/planning the children's ministry program at dove mountain church. all of these things are so exciting. i am taking each day at a time and trying to follow the Lord's lead in it all!
according to msn what i do in a day just as a mom should be paying me well over most jobs in what would be my genre of work and yet my paycheck does not come in the form of an addition to my bank account. my paycheck is found in the lives of my family.
this morning henry and i had a "date". he came with me to a meeting but then we walked hand in hand through a fancy grocery store looking for a rather obscure ingredient for a recipe (the petit fors) i am attempting this week. our "date" was nothing fancy- just a sweet time when we talked about what he was excited about in the coming school year and about going up on the mountain. i love time with my kids.
henry is at an age now where we can have some really great conversations. he is an amazing little man. in fact just a few weeks ago an older lady in our church stopped ross to give henry a compliment. she shared with him that henry was the only one who would come over and play with a little boy who has downs syndrome. after ross shared this with me i was so blessed to know that the Holy Spirit living in him has given henry the gift of mercy. he has a tender heart for those who are not just exactly like all the other children. he has always gone to sit with or play with the children with autism who do not speak or with the children with downs syndrome. my son genuinely cares for the children God created. henry sees in each person the value they have because of who their Creator is not because of the way our world has assigned value. henry loves because God first loved him.
Lord, thank you for henry. thank you for dying on the cross for him. thank you for showing him your great love and thank you for saving him early in his life. Lord, please continue to mold him and shape him into a godly man. may his heart forever be for You and all of your creation.


danny ewy said...

I love that pic of Henry!

I am speaking to you again. :)

Sorry for not helping today. I will try to do better, promise.

The Hill Family said...

i know what you mean about chaos!! with the end of the preschool year and awana, there is suddenly a lot to be completed by next week! your slide show! oh, and you've been tagged! check my blog for details!