Christmas Time

Friday, May 25, 2007

the silence is deafening...

i cannot explain the beautiful sound that fills my home at this very moment. silence...ahhh...yes, silence. all three of my kids are asleep!!!!! imagine the hallelujah chorus playing at this moment. oh i might add that it is 3:45pm.
today has been a very busy day. we were out the door by 9:30am heading to swim lessons. from there we drove across town to the pediatrician's office because i love our pediatrician and i am willing to drive 30 minutes to his office. after that we met my sweet mentor at the splash park where neither of the older two kids wanted to play. i have to say that i totally understand their lack of interest due to the way over sized teenagers that were having water fights. i wouldn't want to go in either. from there we drove over to the furniture store where we met ross so that we could buy a new couch and then we headed to walgreens to drop of some prescriptions. finally we are home and each child is tucked away in a bed where they can get some much needed rest.

swim lessons are going quite well now. i take the kids over to a friend's house- julie is a high school swim coach, swam at texas, and even did something with the olympics.
the first day was an utter disaster for daphne. she screamed the entire 30 minutes. she acted as though she has never been near a pool before in her life. it was awful. by day 2 she only cried for 5 minutes and from then on she has done great. henry is blowing me away with his ability to swim. he is already doing the butterfly and working very hard to perfect his breaststroke. i am so impressed. ms. julie says he will definitely be ready for swim team next year. thank goodness...this tball thing is killing us in this crazy heat. i would much rather be by a pool.

my poor baby anna has had the most horrific rash that i have ever seen on and off for the last 2 or 3 weeks. now some of you might think, "you idiot, why didn't you take her to the doctor sooner." let me tell you that the last 3 times i have taken her in to see dr. g she has made me look like a fool. this time i was not going to overreact. i was playing it cool. using some mommy smarts trying different topical agents. finally i broke down on wednesday and called the office. they gave me some ideas to try. nothing seemed to really be working and then after she had a poopy diaper this morning i was cleaning her up and her little buns were bleeding. i felt so bad for her. she has not really complained of it hurting but i just couldn't let it go on. i took her in and the dr. said she has a strep infection and a yeast infection. let me just say that this poor baby has a rash on her buns, thighs, neck and on her forearms and thumbs. even with all of that she is still smiling and being the sweetest baby ever.

those are the latest going ons of the newman family. this weekend we will be enjoying some family time and great bbq over at tod & catherine's! thankfully we gave tod a 5 gallon jug of goode company bbq sauce for christmas.

have a wonderful weekend!

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Elizabeth said...

I love your pictures. And I absolutely love Anna's smile!