Christmas Time

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

i've been tagged...

this is evidently the new form of those crazy 20 million questions you are to answer about yourself and email to the world for good luck. thanks it goes.

the rules:
once tagged you must blog about 7 random facts/habbits about yourself. you then choose 7 people to then tag who must also blog about 7 of their own random facts/habbits. they too will tag folks and so the cycle goes. when you tag someone be sure to leave them a comment on their blog telling them they have been tagged and to read your blog for the details.

Random fact #1: i have always dreamed of going up to maine and staying in an old home overlooking the ocean with a wrap around porch just so i can snuggle up with a big sweater and read a long book outside.

Random fact #2: i love the whole labor and delivery process...pain and all...i loved my 22 hour labor with henry.

Random fact #3: deep down inside i long to be as organized as martha stewart...i do love eggshell blue you know.

Random fact #4: i fear the expansiveness of the ocean.

Random fact #5: i get really excited at the thought of road trips with the kids.

Random fact #6: my two favorite gifts that i get each christmas are a nutcracker for my collection and the next year's calendar.

Random fact #7: i love to learn new things (sometimes that means relearning some old things too).

there you have it. that's my unknown. i now will pass on the tagging torch to the following:


Sarah & Jason said...

Oh, please let me be on your side of Random Fact #2. :-) I've reached the stage in my pregnancy where everyone likes to share the worst labor stories they know with us...not very reassuring 7.5 weeks away from the due date.

R said...

Number 6 resonates with me...three of the things that get me through the crazy Christmas holidays are the ornament I get from my Aunt Sandra who's been buying me one each year since birth so I'd have my own set when I got married, getting the year's official White House ornament, and hunting for the next year's calendar! It's always a critical decision...

Kevin said...

I too fear the expansiveness of the ocean. Rent "Open Water" and watch it late at night and that will increase your fear tenfold.

If my feet can't touch the ocean floor....I've gone to far.

Yours truly,
the sissy in the shallow end.

The Hill Family said...

i had to share the love with someone!!! thanks for participating! it's fun to learn random facts about your friends!